Standards Based Grading

Grading will reflect what you have learned and not what you have completed.

Grades will be based on the following standards:

        1. SS.EC.FL.1; Identify how people choose to buy goods and services while still maintaining a budget based on income, taxes, savings, and fixed and variable interest rates.
        2. SS.G.1; Use mapping and graphing to represent and analyze spatial patterns of different environmental and cultural characteristics.
        3. SS.G.2; Compare and contrast the cultural and environmental characteristics of different places or regions.
        4. SS.G.3; Explain how changes in transportation and communication influence the spatial connections among human settlements and affect the spread of ideas and culture.
        5. SS.G4; Explain how global changes in population distribution patterns affect changes in land use.
        6. SS.IS.5; Identify evidence from multiple sources to support claims, noting its limitation.

Grades will be as follows;

4=Mastery (Above & Beyond) 3=At Standard (Right on Target) 2=In Progress (Almost there)

1=Not Present (Let’s Refocus) 0=No Evidence

7th grade Standards Rubric 2017 .pdf
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