Budget Project


"Money, get away Get a good job with good pay and you're okay "-Pink Floyd "Money"

Congratulations! You have officially been kicked out of the house!!! Your parents are moving to Florida, so living at home is no longer an option! It's time to get a job, an apartment, pay your OWN CELL PHONE bill, and so much more. Lucky for your, they are giving you $2000 to help you get started. But watch it because I am sure it will go quick!

Use your budget spreadsheet that has been posted in google classroom to help you work on your budget. Use the links below to help you fill out the worksheets that were given to you in class.

project links

1. Find a Job; Indeed.org Monster.com Careerbuilder.com

2. Taxes; Find out your take home pay after taxes

3. Find an apartment; Apartments.com zillow.com Rent.com

4. Buy a car; Car Gurus Auto Trader Cars.com

5. Car loan; Find out your payment here (36 month loan & 4% interest)

6. Groceries; Peapod, Walmart Grocery, Meijer

7. Cell Phone; TMobile, Verizon, ATT